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About Us

Vera Bonse Life and Spiritual Coaching Group LLC

Desire Life no matter what situation you facing. Believe me, have faith, it is truly possible to find peace in that mess. I have been in this mess of life and now have the joy so I can take you to this place of joy.



I am a mother of two amazing kids, a social worker by profession, a Christian author, and a spiritual counsellor.My vision in life has always been to impact lives, generations, nations and the continent as a whole. This vision to do this work has always been burning within so strong that this year, I decided to make it a reality. Life has not always been rosy for me, in fact just like you, life has been a mess. But within this mess, I found my calling and I hope my team and I can assist you to do the same.
My team is made up of young professionals From college professors, nurses, pastors, social workers and doctors. What do we all have in common, spiritual gifts that enable us to counsel you and give you the support you need to reach your highest truest self. With our spiritual gifts of discernment and revelations from God, we are able to understand your problem not only from a physical point of view but most importantly spiritual. We then work with you to provide guidance, support and give you life tools to achieve your success. We are all truth seekers on this earth, whether you know it or not. My team and I will work and support you until you reach your goal


We will provide mentoring and coaching in life matters by addressing the spiritual as well. We believe that a person as a whole is created in the image of God and therefore must engage his spiritual nature to address his physical problems. We see problems as a gateway to transform, promote and attain your true purpose in life. The pain or suffering you going through is a doorway for you to enter into your destiny. Embrace it, seek Divine help and understand life gets better with time and patience, but most importantly it will end well for you when you engage the supernatural God.

My team and I will work with you till you are truly able on your own activate that which is already in you. Love, peace joy, progress, success, prosperity, peace of mind. This is who you are within and not what you are going through. I have personally overcome every storm and problem that came my way and I will show you the way to that happiness.
We will assist you to receive supernatural wisdom, peace and guidance for every life decision you about to make.
Looking forward to hearing from you and celebrating your life success story. My team and I are grateful you trusted us with this task of your life.

Who we serve

  1. Children, Teenagers and adults of all ages problem areas we work onLife changes such as divorce, joblessness, unemployment, loss of property, grieving loss of loved ones, illness
  2. Depression, suicidal challenges, addiction (sex, drugs and alcohol), bullying at school, dealing with troubled teens
  3. Facing life decisions, lets us provide the support you need to overcome, betrayal, lost of desire to live or love. Overwhelm with life and career issues. Feeling stuck in life.
  4. Are you an athlete or run your own business, and you need the support in your life to excel and perform your utmost best.

Vision Statement
Transform your life by attaining your truest higher self.

Mission Statement
We serve people of all color, race, religion, Disability. Our mission is to provide support for your life’s purpose and work so that you can transform your life.

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